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Testimonials | Blue Magic Tattoo LLC Crystal Lake, IL
“I buy all of my body jewelry from Blue Magic. They have the latest styles and the best pricing the Crystal Lake area.”

“I have several Piercings and wanted to get my nipple done. I was scared about the pain, as this is a sensitive area. The piercings artist was fabulous and the pain was minimal. I am glade it healed quickly and I can easily change the body jewelry. It is a very professional and clean atmosphere.”

“I went to get a tattoo and came out with my navel piercing. The artist I spoke with really helped me make a decision as I was struggling with the effect it could have on me getting a job. I was unsure and he assured me to just wait. However, Blue Magic does the best body piercings in the entire area. They are so professional, it is a legitimate business.”

“For those who love body jewelry, like barbells, this is the place to go. I have had a tattoo done here, as well as several piercings. They are by far the cleanest and most modern facility in the Crystal Lake, IL area.”