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As a premier body art studio, we offer customers a way to express themselves through images and piercings. Whether it is something sentimental from a passed love one, or a tribute to a current love, we can help you customize your body art into a masterpiece. There is nothing too big or too small; our artists can do it all.

We currently offer:


Whether you want the traditional rose on the breast or a name on the arm, we can help. Want a customized picture to celebrate a monuments event, we can help. Our artists are talented and can ensure that whatever the design it is perfect and exactly what you want.

Body Piercing

Piercing has become increasingly popular in the past decade. The traditional ears are one of the last places that are pierced now. From the nipple to the navel and everything in between, we can ensure you are taken care of in a safe and clean environment.


Many people are looking for great jewelry for the tongue and nose. We carry a great selection of barbells and plugs, as well as other styles. For those who want to change their look often, we have the inventory it takes.